>> Proven history

With over 80 law practices using Lawoffice's legal trust accounting package for over 25 years, you can be assured the solution is tried and proven for New Zealand law firms.

>> Customisable solutions

Being developed in New Zealand means, development is available to customise the package to suit specific needs of individual clients.

>> Fully intergrated law practice solution

The fully intergrated Lawoffice solution provides functions such as Document production, Diary Management, Office Accounting, Marketing, Email management, Time recording, Payroll, Workflow, Trust accounting and Business accounting. With remote access available for off site access.

>> Server based solution

Our trust accounting software runs on a server on your premises or on a server farm in the cloud. This server could reside in another location in New Zealand or overseas.

Can be run on various platforms Windows / Terminal Server /Critrix / Apple to match your office IT requirements.


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