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We have been using the Law Office accounts and management programs since back in the days when these programs ran in DOS format.  There has never been any doubt that we made the right decision then.
The programs have continued to develop as features and computer programs have advanced, and our understanding and requirements have progressed.  The suite offers the expected full range of trust accounting and time recording features as well as links for e-filing/document management, automatic expense billing, and other aids for effective practice management and workflows.
Equally/more importantly the developers are flexible/adaptable in terms of trying to tailor features to suit users requirements.  While all the time providing outstanding support.


outsayComments from Brandons - Wellington:

"It's hard to believe that we've been using the same trust accounting system for almost 20 years. Lawoffice's legal trust accounting software continues to serve us well, remains uncomplicated and is still an extremely cost effective solution for our trust accounting needs. We have over the years, looked at systems offered by Lawoffice's competitors (many who have come and gone) and have been pleasantly surprised to find Lawoffice has kept up with the play and still provides us with a program and features that are on part with those offered by other software providers."

"We like the fact that Lawoffice is a small New Zealand owned and operated company and we have no regrets about placing our faith in them. We are reading ourselves forthe latest upgrade from Lawoffice and feel confident we will continue to receive a quality, well priced product with good support."

Fletcher Law


For any law firm considering changes to it's software, we have no hesitation in recommending your Lawoffice legal trust accounting management software because:


  1. It has always been stable(bug free),
  2. You have been readily available to address any issues or enhancements we have suggested,
  3. You have a proven track record of successfully delivering your specialised product to New Zealand lawyers for the last twenty years,
  4. You are a New Zealand owned and operated business which has,
  5. Flexiablity and the support structure to meet the requirements of the even the most demanding law firm, whether small or large,
  6. Your licence fee and charges have always been reasonable, and
  7. Your billing and management systems work well and can be modified as and when required.

By Charles Fletcher


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