Improve profitability with a collection of easy to use productivity aids.

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Keep your data in your office where you can control the costs NZ owned and operated. Don’t be controlled by “not from here” companies with hidden agenda’s
Our initial cost half theirs.

Special deal till Dec 2013- No exorbitant up front purchase price, monthlies only.
First installed in New Zealand 26 years ago. Last installed last month with full conversion from another system where the supplier has discontinued support. Over 80 practices use Law Office throughout NZ.

Many users have been with us 20+ years.


New Zealand combined system

Matter/Client level accounting/separate ledger system
Cash flow reporting/Bill of cost/ account rendered/statement/ debtors management with automated interest on overdues
Integrated Private/Business ledger
GST reports for invoice and cash basis

Time recording/Calendar/Diary system

Including automatic production of legal aid invoices

Automatic draft bill and final bill productions
Things To do system and Diary avoid the need to purchase MS Outlook

Management Reports

Produced without manual intervention or rekeying of data
Ability to tailor reports including filtering without reference to the supplier
Link matters to sub clients to group clients

Document Management Systems

Own DMS fully integrated with trust matters with seamless interface to MSWord,  Outlook and Excel
Interface to other suppliers document management systems such as Authodox

Marketing Database

Full integration to Microsoft Word without the need to contact the supplier

Deeds with Law Society Reporting

Includes Register of Trustee, Executor and Attorney
Register of Non Monetary Assets

Deeds Usage

Office Accounts

With flexible client reporting, standing journals, multiple cost centres, Depart mental/branch reporting with consolidation of multiple companies
NZ GST In/Out reporting

Work control/Project Management

Automatic integration of client/matter information with documents/recipes/ diaries

External Connections

From branch office or home or security controlled client portals.


Microsoft/ Citrix/Apple

Disbursement Capture

From Telephone/Scanner/photocopy  units. Availability of automated service charges for firms that don’t want the extra work associated with these devices.


With electronic interface to NZ banking system.


Special Deal
Special deal on our Trust Accounting Software package.   Contact sales now for more details.
  Improve profitability with a collection of easy to use productivity aids. Keep your data in y


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